I have a love hate relationship with my dashboard   navigator. On most days I love her and appreciate the ease in which she guide me  to where I need to go; I turn her on and trust that she’s got my back. On the  rare occasion that she drops the ball I find myself talking to the screen asking  “are you kidding me?” Okay I normally insert a major expletive between the you
  and the kidding but hey, this blog is rated G. 

On one occasion my husband and I were looking for a Home   Depot when right smack in the middle of the interstate she -my navigator-  announced “you have arrived at your destination.” Um…unless there is a Home   Depot truck follow us on the interstate I don’t think so. 

Yet another time on our way home from North Carolina, my  husband had a taste for chicken. So I hit the search button, punched the go  button and we were off. Once again She
took us to a field out in the middle of no-where and said “you have arrived  at your destination.” My husband and I both started laughing as we realized  there was no chicken in that field and if there was it most certainly had not  been cooked!

Today my navigator dropped the ball yet again however, to  be fair, it was not really her fault. You see the drawbridge was closed for  repair so the exit she wanted me to take was blocked. Normally if you miss a  turn she will re-route you and today was no exception only each time it was her  goal to re-route me to the same exit which I could not take.

This happened three  times before I decided to try and take an alternate route. The problem with  taking an alternate route is, I had no idea where I was going. I had an address
but having never been there I did not know where the school was. I only thought
I did. So I took my own route which nearly gave my navigator a nervous break

I will give her  credit though since, even though I was not listening to her, she never lost her
cool. Sadly the same could not be said for me. At one point I realized I was  speeding and all I could think of was good maybe I will get pulled over and I can
ask the police officer for directions!

If I wasn’t heading to a book
  signing today I would have been content to return home, curl up on the couch
  and have a pity party but alas, I had promised myself and others I would attend
  so I continued on my route. The long way that I decided to try did not work and
  I have to admit to screaming obscenities and laughing out loud when, after
  taking a forty minute sightseeing excursion, my navigator announced yet again
  that she wanted me to exit the highway at the closed ramp. Seriously how did we
  get back here?

I am happy to say that after I   finally pulled over and studied the overview of where she was trying to take me   that I was able to make it to my book signing, albeit 20 minutes late! My
  navigator was also pleased as she shouted in triumph “you have arrived at your
  destination.” She was so proud of herself… bless her little heart… 



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